When you buy NUJOAD DESIGNS  you help protect the planet and create a sustainable future for next generations.


   We're in business to cultivate social and environmental harmony. 

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We believe in planet preservation  from waste being dumped in landfills and oceans. That's why we save landfill space by upcycling existing materials and items to manufacture our products.

​We aim to change consumer behavior when it comes to buying clothes. We want to create a sustainable clothing industry that focuses on economic, environmental and social value, while giving back to the community and reducing waste.

We are committed to using upcycled materials in all of our products. We have also created a made-to-order business model that limits mass production. 

NUJOAD DESIGNS is a community too, and we are passionate about providing a platform that assists and encourages creatives to achieve their dreams. Our social mission is to aid communities with collaboration opportunities. We focus on building a diverse, inclusive, and global community.